The power of television advertising

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The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) explored the connection between web traffic and TV ad spend for auto brands with the highest TV spending. Studying year-over-year results, the VAB found changes in TV spending caused disproportionately high changes in web.

Abstract. Advertising is a pervasive influence on children and adolescents. Young people view more than 40 ads per year on television alone and increasingly are being exposed to advertising on the Internet, in magazines, and in schools. Apr 20,  · The Power Of Television Advertising Walkouts NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Jeanine Poggi, a reporter for Advertising Age, about the power of advertising in television.

While national TV advertising is usually out of an entrepreneur's price range, advertising on local stations and on cable television can be surprisingly affordable. MarketShare analyzed advertising performance across industry and media outlets like television, online display, paid search, print and radio advertising and found that TV has the highest.

The power of television advertising
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