Nigeria among the wind powered nations

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Can China Connect Technological Prowess With Global Ambitions? [analysis]

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About familydevotions Blessed to be married to the woman of my dreams and proud father of 4 amazing children - now young adults who are faithful Christ-followers. Competition related to renewable energies among nations, however, may possibly arise from the supply of critical materials for the production of the required hardware.

For decades, the two nations have had a dispute over the region of Doumeira. Several initiatives to end the hostilities have been futile. InQatar made laudable efforts to broker a peace deal.

A growing number of countries are investing in technology parks, including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tunisia. The adoption of the United Nations’ Technology Facilitation Mechanism for clean and environmentally sound technologies in September should help to reduce the technology gap with developed countries.

Nigeria among the wind powered nations
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